Growth engines designed around you.

We believe a business thrives to the degree that it is aligned with the uniqueness, values and vision of its founder. Our wide array of services are all designed to do just that—build your business around you.



Partners In Growth

What if you could only do what you love, and we handle the rest?

We actively partner with and invest in businesses that are at a growth ceiling and in need of the right infrastructure to scale in an aligned and manageable way.

We leverage our extensive resources across a vast array of verticals and tailor them your growth requirements, becoming your technical co-founder, so you can only focus on you love while we handle the all of the logistics of running the company.

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Flow is our flagship mentorship program for small businesses (coaches, consultants, e-commerce, and more) who desire to align their business with their unique personality, strengths, values and vision. 

The result—our innovative process transforms your business into a powerful expression of you, so that you can focus on what you love while your business grows. 

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Done For You

Your hub for all things growth.

Our Done For You services cover all areas of business growth, from advertising, to branding and design, to operations and systems management, to sales team management and more.

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Alignment is everything.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, alignment is everything. When a business is in total alignment—in other words, when all pieces are working in harmony with your strengths, values and vision—growth flows and founders, employees and customers thrive. A business in alignment is at its greatest potential of growth, purpose and impact. At Alignment Engine, this is what we seek to achieve in everything we do.


We are founders ourselves. We marry our rich history consulting for some of the world’s biggest lifestyle and creative brands, with our 15 years of experience helping founders launch and cultivate their unique visions. We also have a deep passion for spiritual and metaphysical exploration, which is a guiding light in everything we do.

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