A story of two outcasts.





Hi, my name is Dave Smith and I am co-founder at Alignment Engine.

Several years ago I set out to build my first business.

After enrolling in several business and marketing programs, I found myself wondering why I was struck with so much force, struggle and lack of results.

Being an introvert, I found myself trying to force all these strategies and frameworks that didn’t feel right, that didn’t align with my natural personality.

This eventually led me into a dark night of the soul.

It was rough. But I now see it as a blessing, because it led to a spiritual awakening.

With a new, deeper perspective on life, I set out to return to my business pursuit and discover a way to make it work for my unique personality and strengths.

The problem was, no one was teaching how to build a business around me. It was always about how to copy what worked for someone else.

It was clear this wasn’t going to work for me.

Determined to follow my sense of purpose and build the business I dreamed of, I said “f-it” and began to just follow my intuition.

I started tapping into soul-level inspiration, and was led to begin treating my business as my art.

And this is where I found my secret.

I discovered that business is always a spiritual endeavor, whether the individual realizes it or not.

When business works, it’s aligned with the entrepreneur. When it doesn’t work, it isn’t aligned.

I took everything I had learned in my business trainings and modified the principles toward alignment.

And from there, I was able to build several mid six-figure businesses.

A few years later I met Michael Gustin, who had a similar story. Sharing passions in both spirituality, metaphysics and business, we joined forces to launch multiple purpose-driven companies.

Now, every team we manage and every venture we pursue has one rule—It’s either aligned, or we don’t do it.

This has resulted in faster-than-normal growth, winning awards for our products and designs, a lifestyle of freedom most only dream of, and the knowledge that our inner compass will always lead to success.

Now it’s our passion to teach this business approach to others.

Welcome to the Alignment Engine.


We are experts in spiritually-driven business growth. We marry our rich history consulting for some of the world’s biggest lifestyle and creative brands, with our 15 years of experience helping founders launch and cultivate their unique visions. We also have a deep passion for spiritual and metaphysical exploration, which is a guiding light in everything we do.

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